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One Half of Freedom 2015 Cosponsors Funded By National Christian Foundation, Investigation Reveals

In 2013 the National Christian Foundation was ranked, by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, as America’s 12th biggest charity. Since then, NCF has gotten bigger and

November 12, 2015 Uncategorized

More National Christian Foundation Funding of NOM Uncovered by Twocare

The leading group opposing marriage equality is receiving money from the NCF -- the nation's top funder of intolerance in the name of religion

October 02, 2014 Special Report, Uncategorized

The National Christian Foundation Anti-LGBT Funding Encyclopedia

This information resource is designed to substantiate the role of the National Christian Foundation as perhaps the leading anti-LGBT rights funder in America.

June 14, 2014 Special Report

From U.S. to S. Korea to Africa, Christian Anti-Gay Activism Led By The NAR

As a new Buzzfeed story demonstrates, South Korea is another theater in the global war, from Brazil and the U.S., over to Africa, across to

June 28, 2015 Uncategorized

The Fellowship of (Anti-Gay) Christian Athletes, and the MO Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

In April 2015, Springfield, Missouri was home to a successful repeal of just-instituted LGBT anti-discrimination protections. It was hardly surprising given the tenor set by

June 03, 2015 Special Report

Philanthropic Foundations Associated With The Gathering

See how the right wing is funded through a series of foundations tied to annual right wing money event

September 22, 2014 Special Report

American Evangelical Anti-LGBT Push in Ukraine Tied To National Prayer Breakfast Affiliate ‘The Gathering’

The American Pastors Network, an evangelical group virulently hostile to gay rights, is cultivating influence in Ukraine

July 23, 2014 Press Release, Special Report

CARE Report Ties Hobby Lobby Case To Funder of National Prayer Breakfast Group, “The Family”

According to a new report from the Center Against Religious Extremism (CARE), a dense web of connections links the secretive evangelical network that hosts the

July 16, 2014 News, Press Release

Hobby Lobby Case Linked To Secretive National Prayer Breakfast Group, “The Family”

“We enjoy having three generations here at The Gathering” – Mart Green, son of Hobby Lobby founder David Green, addressing the 2013 meeting of The

July 14, 2014 Press Release, Special Report

The Hobby Lobby Case and The Alliance Defending Freedom’s Ties To Christian Reconstructionism

TWOCARE explores some disturbing links from those behind the Hobby Lobby case

July 02, 2014 Press Release, Special Report
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