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Peter LaBarbera censored this image on his website, because he thinks it's "indecent." How is genuine love ever "indecent"?

Porno Pete Ends 2014 Bemoaning Anti-Gay Losses, Writing Poetry

A very pathetic anti-gay activist refuses to look for a real job, so he continues to gay bash with embarrassing attempt at poetry

December 31, 2014 News, Opinion
Peter LaBarbera wants to know who will be the Rosa Parks of his hate movement.

Who Will Be The ‘Rosa Parks’ Of The Anti-Gay Movement?

Now Porno Pete fancies himself a legitimate civil rights leader

October 16, 2014 News
Revelers at the Up Your Alley street festival. (Credit:  Porno Pete's personal collection)

Peter LaBarbera Travels 2,108 Miles For Fetish Sex Festival

Like a Deadhead with a Volkswagen bus, Peter LaBarbera, better known as Porno Pete, has hit the road for yet another fetish sex festival

August 06, 2014 News

Porno Pete’s Truth Academy Bombs

A broad societal shift towards acceptance is the hard truth that those at the “Truth Academy” aren’t willing to acknowledge

April 04, 2014 Special Report
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