Peter LaBarbera wants to know who will be the Rosa Parks of his hate movement.

Who Will Be The ‘Rosa Parks’ Of The Anti-Gay Movement?

In light of the recent victories that have all but assured that the movement for marriage equality has won once and for all, the Religious Right

October 16, 2014 News
gay catholic

The Catholic Church’s Small Shift On Gays

The message for gay Catholics: We have a place for you, as long as you know your place

October 14, 2014 Opinion

U.S. Pro-Coup Evangelicals Ally With Putin Inner Circle

Tea Party-aligned American evangelical leaders -- including one who has called for a "military takeover" -- have allied with one of Vladimir Putin's key allies

October 14, 2014 News, Press Release, Special Report
Mat Staver, one of the many "pro-family" voices wailing that marriage equality will destroy civilization.

Is ‘Pro-Family’ Meaningless, Or Is It A Metaphor?

The extreme right has cynically twisted the meaning of "family" beyond recognition. They are traumatized by a rapidly changing world

October 10, 2014 Opinion
NC House Speaker Thom Tillis, who is fighting for the "61% of North Carolina voters" who still hate gays. (AP)

About The ‘Millions Of Voters’ Who Have Been ‘Disenfranchised’ By Marriage Equality

Only a sliver of the electorate actually voted to ban marriage equality. The rest found it so unimportant they chose not to vote

October 09, 2014 News

Bi-Partisan Panel On ‘The View’ To Republicans: Marriage Equality Is Here Whether You Like It Or Not

After yesterday’s historic refusal by the Supreme Court to hear appeals on marriage equality victories involving five states, the panel on The View discussed our changing nation,

October 07, 2014 News

WATCH: Gay Law Student Summarily Dismantles All Arguments From ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapist

This is a law student named Scott Blair, telling the story of what happened when his parents had him meet an “ex-gay” therapist affiliated with

October 06, 2014 Uncategorized
Bedford Protest

Truth Wins Out Condemns Rogue DA’s Punishment For Child Convicted Of Blasphemy

An unconstitutional ruling persecuting a child and a suspicious relationship between a District Attorney and Local Hooligan

October 03, 2014 Press Release

More National Christian Foundation Funding of NOM Uncovered by Twocare

The leading group opposing marriage equality is receiving money from the NCF -- the nation's top funder of intolerance in the name of religion

October 02, 2014 Special Report, Uncategorized

Violence Nearly Erupts at Blasphemy Law Protest in Pennsylvania, As Police Provide no Protection

Police were MIA, leaving free speech protesters to face violent members of a motorcycle gang and angry counter demonstrators in rural Pennsylvania

September 29, 2014 Press Release
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